Uddin Research Group


Work in the Uddin research group focuses on investigating the molecular underpinnings of stress-related mental disorders, with a particular emphasis on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We seek to identify genetic, epigenetic, and other biologic signatures associated with risk for, and resilience to, mental illness using samples drawn from both clinical and community-based settings, with the ultimate goal helping to inform interventions that will reduce the burden of mental illness.  Our work is inherently interdisciplinary, drawing on tools from diverse fields such as genetics and genomics, psychiatry, epidemiology, and psychology, among others.

Major areas of current research include: characterizing genomic phenotypes of mental illness; delineating the epigenetic changes induced by traumatic stress; identifying gene- and epigene-environment interactions in psychiatric disorders; elucidating the underlying molecular etiology that links mental and physical disorders; and investigating molecular contributions to mental illness that may vary across development.